Administration Support

  • Source documents / receipts
  • Switching from Paper to Paperless
  • Scanning services
  • Shared services management
  • Filing System Paper or Paperless

Bookkeeping Services

There is no need for you to feel helpless and confused, knowing the in and outs of your company and understanding your strengths and opportunities are one of the main steps to have a successful and growing business.

Every interaction and transaction we do on your behalf, is with the highest knowledge and professionalism. Our services are customized based on your needs. We are your support system up to the extent you want us to be, and most importantly we make technical tasks more simple, friendly, and efficient as possible.

We offer you services that are not limited to the ones below, we care about your needs being fulfilled and your business worries minimized, with customized work plans design just for you.​

Monthly and specific tasks

  • Bank and Accounts Reconciliations 
  • Financial statement and reporting
  • ​Government remittances calculations & payments (GST/Corporate/PST/WCB)
  • Business Year End preparation
  • Year End adjustment based on accountant approval
  • Business bookkeeping start-ups
  • ​Books transition from manual to accounting software

Day to Day transactions

  • Bank transaction monitoring
  • Managing and recording Payables
  • Processing invoices and managing collections.
  • Processing inbound and outbound cheques and EFT 
  • Payroll processing and remittances
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Credit Card and expenses reports processing